Dr.Explain Crack Ultima 6.4.1241 Full Windows (32/64 Bit)

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Dr.Explain Ultima 6.4.1241 Crack [LATEST]

Dr.Explain Crack Ultima 6.4.1241 Full Windows (32/64 Bit)

Dr.Explain is a professional help documentation creation tool that combines many useful functions. Dr. Explain makes the creation of technical documents a simple and convenient process, whether with the help of a web or desktop application. Its main features, such as the capture of screens and the automatic creation of descriptions for them, make Dr.Explain stand out above other document-creation tools. You can download Dr.Explain Crack free from the link provided.

Dr.Explain Free Download For Windows 10 Review

A software for making user guides, help files, online manuals, Dr.Explain is a software for making help files, user guides, online manuals, and application documentation. Unique built-in technology makes it possible to create documentation for application windows and screens almost automatically.

Why is Dr.Explain unique?

Dr.Explain Crack 2023 is unique in an innovative way to create help documentation much faster than with other tools. The program analyzes the application and automatically produces screenshots of the windows and the sequence of explanatory calls for each control.

Fully Automated

The process is rigorous and fully automated, so multiple screens and graphical interface elements can inherit extra info to illustrate the software help documentation.

Image Update Tool

The simple illustration goes through updates when a new product version is released. Dr. Explain Crack + Keygen Image Update Tool can replace the underlying images while maintaining all the metadata and explanatory annotations.

Content Editor

A feature-rich content editor optimized for creating software documentation—the ability to add search functions and keyword indexes to online manuals. Installing programs, scripts, or databases on the server is unnecessary.

How Dr.Explain Works :

Dr.Explain + License File is the right choice for any software provider, from VIS and freelancers to large studios and software development companies.

Create From A Single Source

Create the listed below documents from a single source in Dr. Explain:

  • CHM help files
  • HTML online manuals
  • RTF documents
  • PDF Documentation


To create a new project, you can:

  • Use the start dialog;
  • Click the button;
  • access the File menu and, within it, click on the New option;
  • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.

You can then start adding new themes and screenshot pages to your project. When done adding themes, don’t forget to save your project.

Opening a project

To open an existing project:

  • Click the button ;
  • go to File -> Open;
  • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O;
  • select the relevant radio button in the start dialog.

When you open an existing project, the standard Windows Explorer dialog will appear, from which you can search for the appropriate file on your computer.

.GUI Files

All projects will save as.GUI files associated with Dr.Explain. It is also easy to double-click on the appropriate project file in Windows Explorer or your file manager and open it in Dr.Explain for editing.

Import Dialog

Through the Import function, Dr.Explain Ultimate Plus allows you to import existing documentation into your projects to publish it later in the required format.

There are many ways to access the Import dialog:

  •  in Dr.Explain, run it from the start dialog;
  • Access the File menu and, within it, click the Import option;
  • Add an external file after a specific topic in the index, then right-click on the issue in question, select the Add menu option, and within this, click Import External Files

List This window

This option lists all the supported file format types that can import into Dr.Explain. Select the file format you like to import into your documentation. Refer to the relevant topic in this help for details on importing each supported file format.

File location

Location of files This section allows you to specify the folder’s path from which the files will import. Click the button to browse for the necessary files on your computer. A standard Windows Explorer window will then appear, allowing you to carry out this action.

Next button

Next button, click this button to start the import process once you have selected the import files.

Save & close a project.

When working on a project, it is a must to save it periodically. At Dr. Explain, there are four ways to do it:

  • Access the File menu and, within it, click the Save option;
  • Click the button ;
  • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S;
  • When exiting or closing the project, a pop-up window will prompt you to save it:

When you save your project for the first time, Dr.Explain displays the standard Save As dialog. Specifying a name for the project is mandatory, which Dr.Explain will save with the extension .gui.

Dr.Explain Crack Ultima 6.4.1241 Full Windows (32/64 Bit)

Most Useful Features of Dr.Explain Crack

  • The built-in screen capture tool, which analyzes application windows or web pages and automatically creates graphs of the screenshots with annotations
  • The annotation tool for creating excellent technical illustrations for help manuals and software documentation
  • A feature-rich content editor optimized for creating software documentation
  • Create CHM help files, HTML online manuals, RTF documents, and PDF documentation from a single source.
  • Simple artwork update when a new product version is released. The Image Refresh Tool can replace underlying images while maintaining all metadata and explanatory annotations.
  • The ability to add keyword indexes and search functions to online manuals without the need to install programs, scripts, or databases on the server
  • Support for Help ID (“Help ID”) for creating context-sensitive help files
  • Monitoring the progress of the project with the status of the issues and blocking
  • Support for multibyte and right-to-left languages

How to Crack Dr.Explain Full Version

  • Download the File
  • Turn off Internet
  • Run install
  • Paste the crack in the installation directory
  • Enjoy

What Are The System Requirements?

There are no unique prerequisites! Dr. Explain, all you need to use is an average computer with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or 10. All necessary components. And libraries and applications will install themselves.

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