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Global Mapper 24.1 Crack + Serial Number Download


Global Mapper Crack offers a complete collection of powerful mapping, data management, and raster processing tools that are perfect for remote sensing, GIS, CAD/GIS, and engineering professionals, as well as for users interested in desktop mapping. It enables you to harness the power of 64-bit hardware and software technologies while at the same time saving you money on costly new hardware components.

It is feature-rich mapping software. It’s an excellent program for organizing geographic information. You can view, store, analyze, edit, print, and export map data in almost any format. This app lets you create location-based systems for insurance adjusters, field technicians, transportation planners, the military, construction companies, and academic departments. And the best part about it is that it’s easy to use and very affordable.

Integrating numerous datasets, including GIS, CAD, raster data, and satellite imagery, it’s simple to open, edit, merge, organize, analyze, and display all of your geographic information within one application.

It is the most advanced GIS software available today. With an intuitive interface and logical layout, you will be up and running in no time. Whether you are a professional looking to make your company more efficient or an enthusiast, Global Mapper will impress you with its feature set.

It is a universal tool for spatial analysis and mapping. The software is ideal for geographic information systems, CAD, and GIS professionals in any industry. For offices in need of accurate and up-to-date maps such as surveying firms, civil engineering departments, mining companies, utilities, land management agencies, local governments, real estate development firms, insurance agencies, and more.

Global Mapper Crack

Moreover, it includes the most powerful LiDAR processing tools available-including photogrammetry capabilities. The optional LiDAR Module allows you to process all types of LIDAR data, including 3D point clouds, range images, and laser intensity.

Global Mapper also includes many attribute editing functions, complete with drawing tools, image rectification, and vectorization. It also offers data display capabilities as well as thematic mapping features.

It is the leading GIS software for transforming, viewing, and managing geographic data worldwide. Whether you’re a geographer, engineer, GIS analyst, programmer, or surveyor, you’ll find that Global Mapper offers features that can be done right, fast, and efficiently.

In addition to the integrated map display features, Global Mapper provides powerful viewing capabilities for various other raster and vector data formats. Global Mapper has a special extensibility program that allows you to extend the functionality of Global Mapper and create your tools and views. You can easily integrate and control those via the included API.

With the ability to acquire data from over 500 sources, Global Mapper makes global mapping simple.

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Flexible View Interface

With the new multi-view feature, you’ll be able to view multiple maps simultaneously for better data analysis.

Global Energy Mapper

We’re always thinking of you. We’ve heard your requests for more ways to estimate the energy performance of your building designs quickly, and we’ve answered with GEM.

Feature Extension Plugin Support

These give 3rd-parties and customers the power to add functionality and extend the tool to meet their mapping needs.

3D Data

It bridges the gap between 2D and 3D data by delivering an all-inclusive solution that offers simple and complex features to put your information front and center.

Data Importing/Exporting

It is a tool for visualizing and analyzing geospatial data. It’s used in various industries, including real estate, insurance, engineering, health care, forestry, aviation, education, and telecommunications.

Spatial Database Support

Moreover, it is a geographic information system (GIS) application that allows users to import and export data from spatial databases, generate maps from downloaded spatial data, edit geospatial data in both vector and raster formats, perform attribute analysis, and display both vector and raster maps in multiple formats.

LiDAR Point Clouds

It is the most versatile geospatial software for viewing, editing, manipulating, and processing one or more billion points in a single map image.

Access to Online Data

As an efficient information distribution system, with many data GIS administrators choosing to distribute data through web-based services instead of offering file downloads or disk media, there is now a vast amount of readily available spatial data just a mouse click away.

Google Earth Support

As well as importing and exporting data in industry-standard formats like Shapefile, Global Mapper also offers built-in support for Google’s KML/KMZ file format to make it simple to integrate with services like Google Earth.

Image Rectification

What sets Global Mapper apart from other mapping software packages is its unmatched ability to import and scale any image for an accurate and realistic representation of the data.


Why choose between a map and a database? Its powerful geocoding function turns addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates so you can overlay locations on a map.

Graph and Chart Manager

The Global Mapper Client / Server Graph and Chart Manager allows you to create maps with charts and graphs embedded in them. As many as 16 sets (Graphs, Charts, or Maps) can be published at one time.


Digitize data from existing maps or create new datasets from scratch with Global Mapper. Its tools make it a breeze to gather, organize, and analyze geographic information.

Feature Rendering

This software instantly builds high-quality maps for any mapping situation by integrating the most recent data from global databases. It can draw all kinds of features with accurately sized symbol shapes. Set vector field attribute values based on color, fill pattern, border width, border color, legend entries, dropped objects are properties are controlled by database fields.

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