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iTools Crack

Do you have an Apple iOS device? Indeed you have already encountered your most significant problem: iTunes, a massive companion that hinders the synchronization of your music, video, and apps. Luckily there are now alternatives like iTools for Windows. iTools full version download is a tool that allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without iTunes, the official Apple program.

Thanks to iTools Crack 2021, you can transfer files of images, music, and videos between your iOS device and your PC, manage installed applications, access calls and SMS histories, manage contacts in the calendar, etc. Another of the features of iTools is that it allows you to create new folders in the internal memory of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can download iTools Crack free from the link provided.

iTools Free Download For Windows 10 Review

iTools 4 For PC is an application for Windows and Mac OS X systems that allows you to access and manage the most different content on your iOS device. Beyond iTunes or program is a simple and effective alternative to perform or control your music, photos, contacts, apps, and other types of content for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Using iTools License Key and removing, importing, and exporting your media files, you can also make or backup your applications and restore them for your device later. In this case, a significant advantage is that Ferramenta allows the selection of two archives that will save.

App Management

The application also allows the visualization and management of your device directly from the desktop. For example, you can exchange two icons of place applications, excluding them, raising pasta, among other alternatives on your computer. Drag the files to copy music from iOS to our laptop and vice-versa.

A detail that must observe

The application needs the iTunes libraries to operate. You must have the official app Apple installed in your system so that iTools works correctly. Do or download iTools which manages your iOS directly from the computer!

Simple Yet Effective

Very objective and straightforward to use, iTools offers users a natural range of features. In addition to importing books, music, movies, and photos to their iOS, users can also perform backups of their media, browse system directories (in the case of systems with jailbreak), obtain storage information, and, among other valuable options.

iTools Crack Torrent + Serial key {100% Lifetime} Full Lifetime

Features Of iTools Crack Download For PC

  • With iTools, we can install and uninstall applications and retrieve music files, videos, photos, and ebooks on our devices, in addition to accessing features such as managing contacts or accessing the file system.
  • Undoubtedly, the most exciting use of iTools is the ability to recover the contents stored in another device. I may, at some point, have it or some user. Who lost their iTunes library on their Mac due to the disc or the error? Well, with iTools, we can restore all files we have on this device.
  • An application that is not bad to have. It is free of charge and can be very useful to us, even to someone known to the family, in an emergency. The application is in English but easily understandable.
  • There is iExplorer, an alternative similar to iTools de la that has also spoken in Applesfera. The difference between both is notable in terms of characteristics. And, of course, that iExplorer is paid for iTools is free. My recommendations are that you will only use the option of recovering contained iTools more than enough. On the contrary, if you want to replace iTunes, then bet on iExplorer permanently.

Features of iTools Crack

  • Graphical interface: If there is something that iTunes could assume, but with the new version of iTunes, it’s a careful graphical user interface. However, in this sense, it is also important to mention that iTools has a graphical interface at the same height and can even overcome certain aspects. Likewise, with each option of the functionality of iTools, you can enjoy its excellent intuitive quality and sufficient information. As it does not matter that the program is available in English, every detail of the pictographic information is exceptional.
  • The versatility of iTools: No matter how far you look at this tool, iTools is vastly superior to iTunes as now as versatility is concerned. A clear example of it is on its sidebar, where tools provide you with the best user experience in managing your iOS devices. For instance, in iTools, you can find a specially dedicated machine to create your tone of message or call for safekeeping, exporting, and using them directly on the device. Likewise, it includes a PXL to IPA converter and much more.


In terms of interface, the program is not only beautiful but also very intuitive. To copy music from iOS to your computer and vice versa, drag the files to the application window. That is, the application has graphic and functional small details that make it simpler.


Another interesting point is that the program does not need to install on the user’s operating system. That is when accessing and executing the downloaded file, it will go into operation. However, iTunes must e previously installed on Windows or Mac. Otherwise, iTools will not work.

How to Crack iTools Full Version.

  • Download the file
  • Turn off internet
  • Run install
  • Paste the Crack in the installation directory
  • Enjoy

System Requirements

PC with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor with support for SSE2 and 512MB of RAM is required.

An Intel Pentium D or faster processor is required to play a standard-definition video from the iTunes Store.

512MB of RAM and a DirectX 9.0–compatible video card is required.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Simple to use
  • Wide variety of features
  • No installation required


Requires iTunes to install

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