The Amazing spider man 2 game download for pc

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game download for PC

The Amazing spider man 2 game download for pc

the amazing spider man 2 game download for pc was released in together with the Sony Film that was released around the same time. While this show looks beautiful hurry in some regions. This game captures up as a completely bearable web-swinging event. This game may be broken into three special parts or sections: Traversal, Combat, and Peter Parker segments. The transit movement consists of executing, jumping, and, most very vital, swinging which is done through the left and right triggers that control the arm. The web swinging is so good. It detects fantasy and natural and wonderful freeing in a style that I’ve never watched before in a video game.

The Amazing Spider man 2 game download for window

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 replies to the pressing question of what would it seem like to be Spider-Man. The reply, doubt, is ‘kickass.’ Our favorite web swinger from Queens is welcome back in this edition of the Spider Tale. You have to get ready to gust around New York City in tough red and blue spandex while thrashing up the unethically insane in this homage to the webhead. prepare and let’s swing into it. Ultimately, there are the Peter Parker pieces. These are the binary bits where the game gradually down and you are taken an opportunity to do some little interrogative work as the mild-styled youth.

The Amazing Spider man 2 game download for Android

This presents an amazing alternation in pace which allows you to capture your breath and watch the difference between the two alter-egos. Apart from this, there are plenty of capabilities that support you like Spider-Man. The combat is a beautiful cycle but that doesn’t mean poor. This strip has a strong similarity to Batman: Middle-earth or Arkham Asylum: Shadow of Mordor with a sequence of button bashing with a timed dodge here and there.

It’s liquid and sense fine to take a high streak without taking a hit. The tale accompanies a simple and easy theme of Spidey trying to explore the criminal Dennis Carradine. Resuming his exploration, he paths him down but something ends him in his path. After this point, it is the type of only big game filled with various heads that Peter should end. The tale seems to get something of a backseat to the gameplay and the thinking of forcing various villains into a game as much as possible, something that I couldn’t complain about because I affect Spider-Man and I explore wholly the boss quarrels a fantasy.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 game download for

The graphics are wonderful for their time and they do everything needed to watch all you require to watch. Work is simple and easy to follow and whichever of Spidey’s suits that people have luggage, they forever watch fresh and very stylish. Something I liked, which binds into the gameplay, is that the web swinging should now really link to a construct above people, as against the clouds. In this source you mostly explore yourself swinging low to the ground, narrowly saving taxis and busses as people burn around like a radioactive stupid man. It whole watches and senses wonderful, something that arranges you. It is a completely suitable game for anyone who affects Spider-Man to amuse. Lots of combat and some super smooth, satisfying web-swinging.


  • Amazing web swinging
  • Easy and simple to follow combat
  • luggage of villains
  • It’s Spider-Man
  • It has a wonderful web swing
  • Fantasy fights
  • Tons of elements from the comics


  • It’s too easy and simple
  • Not a very good camera
  • Weak tale
  • cycle fighting
  • Lackluster plot

Game Review

Spider-Man is maybe one of the wonderful and most famous superheroes of all time, and it is been that method for a while. Nowadays it appears like everybody is a fantasy of some superheroes, particularly thanks to the modern Marvel movies. But Spider-Man is mainly just one of those heroes which may call they had a good live-action adaptation before the superhero boom. Here we’ll talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, basically based on the movie by the same name. But is this game good enough to compete with the wonderful games from the Arkham series like Batman Arkham City? Although one is from DC and the other one from Marvel, those Batman games are simply and easily the best comic-based games in history.

About the Game

This is very vital to write or note that even though these games were released around the same time as the movie The Amazing Spider-Man, these games are by no source direct adaptations of those. That’s why the game loosely comes after the main plot of the film but sums up a ton of modern elements from the comic and plot lines that aren’t even described in the movie. The tale is beautiful and basic, but it will sum up as a basic plot piece with elements like Kingpin and Kraven, amazing villains from the comics. This centers a lot on the crime-solving piece of being Spider-man and capturing the bad guys of course. So, most of the brilliant elements given don’t take the identification they deserve, and they are simply thrown into the game.

The Amazing spider man 2 game download for pc

System Requirement

  • Central processing Unit: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 512 MB 3D hardware accelerator card needed.
  • SOUND CARD: 3.0

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