Windows Product Key Viewer (Windows + ISO) Download

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Windows Product Key Viewer

Windows Product Key is usually found on the original Windows CD / DVD box or somewhere on the PC case. If you have somehow lost the product key, you can easily find it with free tools. As you may already know, Windows saves the product key in the registry. And the key is viewable with the help of third-party tools. This software can quickly help you find the product key in no time.

Windows Product Key Viewer Free Download Full Version Review

There are several reasons, and at some point, when a user has to reinstall Windows 10 on our computer. Either because it needs a thorough cleaning. Or due to some system error that is not entirely solved or we have acquired a hardware component.

The truth is that when we reinstall Windows, we can find that we will need to use the activation key operating system. Indeed, we will not know them by heart. And in case we do not know where we have it pointed, we can use a program like this.

Original Code

All users with a genuine Windows license must have the original code. This code is found on a label inside the box or the operating system. If we have lost the box, we must look for it within the system. For this, nothing is more valuable than the simple tool we will talk about below.

A Simple Software

Windows Product Key Viewer Portable Download is a simple solution with a clear objective. And which is to show all the activation keys of Microsoft products. Such as our Windows operating system or the Office suite. This way, we can always have these activation passwords without having them written down and getting lost. Windows product key viewer can also obtain the computers’ licenses on a network. And with Exchange Server and SQL Server. Using / remote all commands, So if we are network administrators, it can also save us from trouble.

When is it necessary to know your Windows Product Key?

A product key identifies you as the rightful owner of the software. Microsoft assumes you bought the programs since you have a serial or license number. Because even though anyone can copy the software, the product key is unique and can only be used for one version of the software. And this is the case with Windows 8. If you purchased the operating system as a version on physical media, the product key is usually found on the packaging. But not finding the key can be cumbersome.

During Reinstall

During a reinstall of the operating system, it is very likely that you will have to enter the product key. Therefore, before getting down to work, it is worth looking for it. Can’t find it anywhere? Luckily, it is possible to find your Windows product key with additional software or directly with Windows tools.

How to use it to remember our Microsoft keys

Once we run Windows Product Key Viewer, it works very fast. And its main menu appears with a clear and simple interface. However, it is entirely in English. It should not pose an obstacle for even the most inexperienced users. The program automatically scans the installed Microsoft applications, displaying all the entries and product keys in seconds.

Windows Product Key Viewer (Windows + ISO) Download

Features Of Windows Product Key Viewer Full Cracked

  • Compatible with a wide range of Windows products
  • Easily find the lost product key
  • Housing all the necessary details for each application
  • Ability to load information from our computer locally
  • Identifies the user as the rightful owner of the software

Main Window

The main window houses all the necessary details for each application. It includes the product name, identification, key, installation folder, installation folder, service pack, computer name, and modification date. We find the classic toolbar on the top organized by a tab. Within the “File” option, if we click “Select Source,” we can configure many sources the application supports to read the product keys.

The Option Menu

Windows Product Key Viewer also has an Options menu from which we can select which Microsoft applications we want the program to extract the keys. So we can select Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, and Exchange Server keys.

How to Crack Windows Product Key Viewer

  • Download the file from the provided download link.
  • Turn off the Internet.
  • Run the setup file and follow the installation process.
  • Paste the crack in the installation directory
  • Enjoy

System Requirement

No Special Requirements

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windows ten pro key


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windows 7 product key viewer



Windows Product Key Viewer is one of the best tools in its range, While it works very fast. The program is designed to perform such a simple task. And it hardly consumes resources from our system. So it can be used by all types of computers. But not everything is as perfect as we would like. Although Windows Product Key Viewer is compatible with all Windows versions we can currently find on the market, it is not the same as other Microsoft products.

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